The easiest access is by plane through the international airport of Aktio (PVK), which is just 9 kms. from our Villa. During the summer months there are direct flights to this airport from all Western Europe. There is also the opportunity of renting a car for your best service.

You can also come in Preveza by car :

1From Italy, you disembark from the ferry to Igoumenitsa and after an hour in a beautiful road you will be in the Villa.
2From Thessaloniki, through the National Egnatia Odos either in Exodus Ioannina either in Exodus NIOHORI of either the final output of Igoumenitsa in less than four hours you will be in villa.
3From Athens, through the National Highway Arrives in Rio-Antirrion and after that via Amfilochias, Vonitsas  and finally through the  subsea connection of Aktion (Preveza), in less than four hours you will be in the villa.

Distances from Villa

  • Football field [6X6]0,3 χλμ.
  • Beach0,6 χλμ.
  • Preveza7,0 χλμ.
  • Aktio Airport (PVK) 9,0 χλμ.
  • Marina8,0 χλμ.
  • Harbour in Preveza8,0 χλμ.
  • Port refuge in Pantokratora7,0 χλμ.
  • Museum of Ancient Nikopolis6,0 χλμ.
  • Supermarket Masoutis6,0 χλμ.
  • Supermarket  Lidl6,0 χλμ.
  • Hospital8,0 χλμ.
  • Monolithi Beach6,0 χλμ.
  • Waterland Club Kanali10 χλμ.
  • Vrahos and Loutsa Beach28 χλμ.
  • Sources of river miles Acheronta58 χλμ.
  • Lefkada28 χλμ.
  • Island of Lefkada, Nidri or Porto Katsiki45 χλμ.
  • Parga57 χλμ.
  • Igoumenitsa80 χλμ.
  • Ioannina105 χλμ.
  • Patra168 χλμ.
  • Thessaloniki350 χλμ.
Υπεύθ. Νικόλαος Τσότσιος

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